Applications Engineer (RL1893)

Company Name:
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Applications Engineer
Pewaukee, WI
Acts as a company specialist with concern to the cutting edge of automated equipment, both internally and externally to know what other firms are doing. Aids in the design and development of equipment and systems, and redesign of existing systems. Responsibilities also include providing equipment functionality and capability reports to the sales force, and acting as technical liaison to the sales team. The position requires professional engineering knowledge sufficient to make judgments involving complex engineering and economic principals, and calculations to persuade potential buyers of the product or service.
Essential Duties/Functions:
Establishes and maintains a quote request log and prioritizes utilization of internal resources required to execute a project quote/estimate
Works with Sales Engineers, customers, and internal resources to define a solution for the project being proposed
Conducts research on the design and development of quotes and estimates utilizing the latest trends and technologies
Works with internal resources to put together concept drawings required for the proposal
Working with the Sales Engineer and other required resources, creates the quote document for the customer
Recommends changes in procedures, design or equipment where necessary
At the kickoff of the project, ensures that the project team is provided with the information they need to successfully execute the project (based on the quote and estimate) and participate, as needed, until the 50% design review sign off process.
Assist with Project Management responsibilities
Assist with detailed design engineering
Concept and estimate costs for Hardware and Software systems for electrical controls.
Experience with planning, writing, testing and troubleshooting PLC code using company standard methods and conventions.
Experience wiring electrical sub-panels, perform panel testing and certification, machine start-up and hardware debug, and install panels on machines.
Assist in expanding the current customer base and marketing efforts
Performs other related duties as assigned by management
Prepares financial and operational estimates from concepts, plans or other records submitted by potential customers
Desired Skills and Experience
Prefer BA Degree
Equivalent combination of education, training and experience
5+ years' experience in Control Systems or Electrical Engineering design
Knowledge of common control, computer architecture, and networking

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